Gaisce - The President's Award

Gaisce - the Presidentís Award is Irelandís very own National Challenge Award, the countryís most prestigious and respected individual award programme, and a challenge from the President of Ireland, to youÖ the nationís future.

While the structure of Gaisce is very different to the UL President's Volunteer Award, it is a great opportunity to for you to get further recognition for your volunteer activities and other personal development.

Whatís it all about?
Gaisce - the Presidentís Award works on the basis of a personal challenge set by you. You will set the challenge and agree it with a Presidentís Award leader. You wonít be competing with other participants, as each challenge is completely individualÖ so the only person youíll compete with is yourself.

How does it work?
There are three different types of award that you can earn Ė bronze, silver and gold.

Minimum Time
Direct Entry
Merit System for
Previous Award Holders
 15 years
 26 weeks
 Silver  16 years
 52 weeks
26 weeks for Bronze Award Holder
 Gold  17 years
 78 weeks
52 weeks for Silver Award Holder
How to earn an award?
There are 4 different challenge areas. To earn an award, you will need to participate in each of the 4 challenge areas. You might decide to build on an activity youíve tried in the past. Each participant must participate in at least one new activity to earn an award.
Our 4 challenge areas are:
    1. Community Involvement
    2. Personal Skill
    3. Physical Recreation
    4. Adventure Journey
    A Residential Project is required for the Gold Award
Who can apply for the Presidentís Award?
The Award programme is open to all young people between the ages of 15 and 25. Anyone can take part as long as youíre self-motivated and up to the challenge.

How to earn a bronze award
How to earn a silver award
Where can I learn more?
Please visit the website of Gaisce - The President's Award.