Applying for the PVA

To apply for your President's Volunteer Award, please download the hourly log and reflective portfolio and follow the instructions.

Step 1:  Decide what award you are applying for:
BRONZE:    20 hours of volunteering 
SILVER:      40 hours of volunteering 
GOLD:         60 hours of volunteering  
   Pre and post Comhlámh training hours signed. 
Plassey         12 hours over 12 weeks.
Please note:  Non-international students can only earn a maximum of 3 hours per week for each award - i.e. a gold award will take at least 20 weeks to earn, a silver award at least 13 weeks, etc.  (Your volunteering time is not however restricted to these hours).
  • The award hours must be within the academic year (Sept - June).  You cannot carry over hours from the previous academic year.
  • There is no recognition for voluntary work prior the launch of the President's Volunteer Award (1st September 2010).  
Step 2: Complete the  is attached and signed by your volunteer supervisor from the organisation you are volunteering with. Unsigned hour log and handwritten applications are not accepted (see application form for instructions).  
Step 3: Complete the reflective portfolio.  (Keep in mind that the portfolio is designed to help you (1) reflect on what you have learned and gained from your voluntary work and experience and (2) help you reflect on your impact and the benefits you have brought to the volunteering organisation.  This portfolio will be very useful when updating your CV and in preperation for job interviews, so keep a copy).  
Step 4: All typed, completed applications must be submitted to the PVA Office.  The manual hours log must be attached and signed off by your supervisor.   
Step 5: All completed applications will be reviewed by the PVA selection committee and once signed off you will receive confirmation of your award.
Step 6: The PVA ceremony takes place in October.  All recipients will be notified well in advance of the ceremony