How to Volunteer

There are lots of ways to volunteer! If you want to sign up through the PVA website, take a look at some of the current volunteering opportunities.

When you have decided which opportunity suits you, click on the “express an interest” tab. Expression of interest forms are then sent directly to community organisation that posted them.
  • Remember an expression of interest is not a commitment and therefore you are under no obligation to take up the opportunity and the community organisation is under no obligation to accept you as a volunteer.
  • When the expression form is completed and forwarded to the organisation, they will usually make contact you within a few days.
  • You can also follow up on your expression of interest form by getting in touch with the organisation and having a chat with them.
  • Each organisation that has posted an opportunity on the PVA website will be expecting to hear from students volunteers, so do not hesitate to get in touch.
How many opportunities should I express an interest in?
This is up to you. If you have a preference for more than one then fill out expression of interest form, once completed it  automatically be forwarded to the relevant community organisation. To help you find the right volunteering opportunity, you may wish to review the website of the organisation (if available) and get to know more about their work and the commitment they are looking from you as a volunteer.

Visit and Meet with the Organisation
Meet the community organisation and learn more about volunteering. The organisation will also want to get to know you. They may ask you to fill in a Volunteer Application form and ask you a few questions about why you want to volunteer.
Garda Vetting
Garda vetting is a legal requirement for all organisations working with and for vulnerable people.  Therefore is the responsibility of the organisation to have    volunteers Garda vetted.  Any organisation needing Garda vetting will inform volunteering and direct them on what to do.

Induction or Training:
Again it is the responsibility of the organisation offering the volunteering   opportunity to provide whatever training is needed. All partners in the PVA have agreed to provide training if necessary to our student volunteers.  
First Day as a Volunteer:
At this stage you have already met with the organisation and you will have a good  idea of what is required of you.   So the most important thing on the first day is to  arrive on time, be enthuasitic, open minded and show respect for the volunteer work by dressing appropriately for your role.
Once-off Volunteering Opportunities:
Some volunteer opportunities are once-off  e.g. volunteers are asked to support an event  for a day, an afternoon or few hours. There may be training but with once-off opportunities expect to row in with the team and get the job done!   Once off opportunities can be great fun and are a great way to show initiative and enthusiasm.

As the PVA recognises students commitment to volunteering, a once off volunteering opportunity on its own does not qualify.  But you could build up the one-offs over a period of time so that its shows your commitment to volunteering.