About The PVA

The President's Volunteer Award (PVA) has been established to harness, acknowledge and support the contribution that students at the University of Limerick make to their communities.
The PVA draws on a strong tradition of student volunteering both on and off campus.  The primary goals of the PVA are:
  1. Sustain and foster a culture of volunteering, active citizenship and civic engagement amongst the student population.
  2. Develop collaborative projects as well as furthering  existing initiatives between UL and our communities.
  3. Formally acknowledge and support the contribution that UL student volunteers make to our communities.
  4. Promote the development of civic and leadership skills amongst students.

How Does it Work?

The most important requirement for the PVA award is that you show a commitment to volunteering work.  The PVA is calculated on a maximum of three hours weekly volunteering work except when volunteering overseas.   The Overseas PVA is based on students engaging with pre and post training provided by Comhlámh (www.comhlamh.org) in addition to the completion of the PVA reflective portfolio
To find a volunteer opportunity on campus or off campus in our many community organisations browse through volunteering opportunities.    Please note:  You are not limited to these opportunities.   If for example, you volunteer in your home county (sports clubs, youth clubs, etc) or you volunteer abroad or you have created your own volunteer opportunity, once your have your hours signed off and you complete the reflective portfolio you can apply for the PVA.   HOT TIP: if you know of volunteering opportunities in your home county then go and organise volunteering hours with them.   The Community Liaison Office is here to support all your volunteering work.   
Please note:
The PVA does not recognize volunteering work completed after the academic year-ends unless it is overseas volunteering.The 2015-16 Academic Year Ends on Tuesday 31st May 2016. PVA application (hourly log and reflective portfolio) must be received by the CLO on or before this date.
  • The PVA is awarded to students who have completed a PVA application form, reflective portfolio and have their volunteering hours signed off by their supervisor.
  • You can only earn a maximum of 3 hours volunteering work per week to be eligible for the PVA with exception to Overseas PVA.  The reason why is that we want to ensure you show a commitment to volunteering.   For example, 3 hours X 7 weeks = 21 hours.  You need 20 hours to earn a bronze award.   You can volunteer as many hours as you want but the PVA will only take account of 3 hours per week.
  • Full-time students have the opportunity to earn a Bronze, Silver, Gold, Overseas award every year. You do not have to get a Bronze or Silver award before applying for a Gold.   During a 4 year degree program, you could potentially earn 4 PVA awards.  This would show employers that during your academic studies you committed xx hours of your leisure time to volunteering!   Very impressive!  
    Note: The PVA Office does not accept hand written reflective portfolios - so please ensure that yours is typed! 

Applying for the President's Volunteer Award

Step 1:
  Decide what award you are applying for:
BRONZE:     20 hours of volunteering 
SILVER:       40 hours of volunteering 
GOLD:          60 hours of volunteering
Overseas:    Pre and post volunteering training provided by Comhlámh (www.comhlamh.org)  
International Students: Plassey Award
The Plassey Award recognises that international students spending one semester at UL do not have the same opportunities as those students spending a full-academic year at UL.  Therefore students spending one semester in UL may apply for the Plassey Award   To be eligible for this award you must show a committment to volunteering.

Intl -               12 hours of volunteering over one semester.

Step 2:
   Ensure hourly logs are signed (Overseas ensure pre and post training hours signed by Comhlámh).
Step 3: Complete (by typing) the reflective portfolio and have it signed off by your volunteering supervisor (all instructions are on the PVA cover page).   This form is designed to help you reflect on the impact and benefits that both you and the community organisation gained from your volunteering role (the reflective portfolio will be very useful when you are updating your C.V. and in job interviews).
Step 4: All completed applications must be submitted to the PVA Office (EM-023a, Main Building or SU-105, Students Union Building) by May 31st 2016.
Step 5: All completed forms will be reviewed by the PVA Selection Committee and once signed off you will receive confirmation of your award.
Step 6: The PVA ceremony takes place on Thursday September 22nd 2016 at the University Concert Hall.  All UL students are welcome to attend the awards.